Monday, October 1, 2012

Colour by a Lake

Today my husband and I stopped by a friend's lake to take some pictures.  It was quite overcast so the colour is more subdued but still very satisfying to look at.
 The little lake is spring-fed so the water is always cold, but it is still clean.  The first cottages were built about 60 years ago and a few new cottages have been built in the last ten years. It's still very rustic and no power boats are allowed on the water.

 The downside of all that lovely clean water is that there are leeches, or what we always called bloodsuckers, in it and sometimes after a swim, you'd have a leech stuck on your leg.  Ugh!  I don't mind fish nibbling my toes, but I really don't like bloodsuckers.

 One of the cottagers is a Norwegian man and he used to regularly swim the length of the lake  .  Those Scandinavians love their exercise.  Quite a few Scandinavians settled in the Laurentians as it reminded them of home.

After taking some photos, we attempted to head home, but the car wouldn't start. OK, try a few things. Nothing works.  Call Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance. My first worry was that they wouldn't be able to locate us since we were at the end of a small road on the outskirts of small village. But in no time flat, the helpful girl at the Call Centre had our location and was arranging a tow truck.
We got a call a few minutes later from someone else at the Call Centre.  He said the tow truck would be there soon but it could only take one passenger.  Well, that was a bit of a dilemma. Hum. He said there wasn't much room in the cab of the truck. Then a light went on in my husband's brain and he said that we were on the slim side.  Oh, well. That will be fine then - two passengers.  I guess he just didn't know how to politely ask how much we weighed! As it turned out, there was plenty of room in the tow truck and a very young(surely they are letting mere infants take on responsible jobs nowadays or am I just getting old?) but totally competent French man got us all sorted out and drove us all the way back to Ontario.  Merci beaucoup!  We may have to retire the car as it has repeatedly stranded us this past year.


  1. I can't think of a better place to be stranded; it looks beautiful!

  2. Before I got to the comments I was thinking of how these photos reminded me of Sweden - now I know I know I am not the only one. Great pictures.