Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last Little Bouquet

This will be the last little bouquet for this season, but we had such a bright, sunny summer and pleasant fall so far that I am quite ready for winter and even the dark days of November.
As I continue to tidy up the gardens, I think about all the fall bulbs that are growing lots of roots in the cool, moist soil and getting ready for a burst of colour next spring.
Time to get out my knitting needles and find some good books for the long evenings.


  1. What a lovely bouquet - and somehow even more beautiful because it is the last of the season.

  2. Hey, it seems really very pretty bouquet.. i wanna really made it from my hand .. and by this i wanna decorate my room.. nice keep it up..
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  3. Sounds like a marvelous plan! I would love the little gas fireplace we had in our cottage at the Inn this week. But I can read her just fine!