Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paper Beads

These paper beads are about an inch long. I got in the mood to make some a few days ago and have enjoyed the colourful patterns that appear on them. I am planning to use them as decoration on some crafts I hope to get done later on. As spring approaches I am starting to think about some ways that I can incorporate the garden flowers into some crafts. We'll see what happens. I started a papier mache vase but Snap kept trying to eat it as it was drying by the heater so I've decided to let that one go.

I had a little chuckle last night when I was searching the local library site for books by Aline Templeton. The search asked me if I really meant "alien Templeton". I haven't read any of her books yet but I hope they are not "alien"!

For some very attractive flower pictures, check out She lives in the Quinte area. I just found her site the other day when I was looking for gardening blogs.

Anybody interested in the writing process, check out Louise Penny's blog at She is a successful mystery writer from Quebec. Also a nature and dog lover.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Signs of Spring

Last fall I planted some grass seed over an area that we had covered with fresh earth. None of the seed had sprouted before the snow came and I assumed that I had just wasted the money spent on it, but this morning I saw that it has sprouted and even grown under the snow. A good start to spring!
I heard my first robin this morning and saw geese yesterday and today. The flock of redpolls is still coming to the feeder and enjoying the seed I throw on the ground. Most days there are around 50 of them. I have never had so many and never had them stay so long. I'm wondering when they'll be heading north .
Our truck-driver son is on his first long-long haul. So far they have travelled to Florida, up to Ohio, and now are on their way to Alberta. It certainly is the grand tour.
We watched a show on the Irish emigration last night. Apparently half of all Ontarians have Irish blood in them. In the Laurentians where I grew up, most of the families that weren't French were of Irish descent. On the show, one family was describing how whole villages of Irish people resettled together in Canada much as the Scottish people did in Glengarry. The English , on the other hand, didn't seem to do that which makes those of us of English background feel at times rootless in Canada. Perhaps the English were never very good at community which is why they were always travelling around to distant places expanding the Empire. My mother was telling me the other day that one of my British aunts was sent to boarding school when she was 5 years old. It seems so cold and unnatural to send your little ones away at such a young age.Not surprisingly, she never had a close relationship with her natural family and adopted her husband's family (our family) as her real family.