Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Brush with Sandy

 We had our brush with Hurricane Sandy last night. It was pretty windy, enough to blow down the dead butternut tree, but it wasn't as windy as was forecast.  Very little rain.  We will get more rain tomorrow as the storm tracts east but nothing more than a regular rainstorm.

 This morning it is sunny, breezy and mild.  It actually feels like March.

 And to add to that effect, I noticed some surprise flowers as I checked on the property.  A fresh, bright nasturtium flower, just opened.

 Some yellow primroses, a little worse for wear from the storm, but still putting on a show before the snow flies.

 This pink primrose must have opened this morning after the winds had died down.

And finally, the very last Iceberg rose blossom which also opened this morning.

Our thoughts and prayers are for the people in the US who will be struggling for quite a while with the effects of the storm.


  1. So glad you only got the wind. You have some beautiful plants still growing. Thank you for taking the time to share and the note. Gin

  2. Pretty flowers! I can't believe that things are blooming again. I keep finding dandelions!

  3. Great photos! Nice flowers. Amazing.

  4. Good to hear you didn't have too much damage from the storm.

    Lovely flowers, nothing is blooming here any longer. Even daytime temps haven't reached much above the freezing mark for a couple of weeks.

    Enjoy them while they last!