Saturday, September 29, 2012

Postcard Fall Colours

 I drove to the Laurentians again yesterday and the trees were spectacular.  The best colour in a long, long time.  They still haven't  had a frost so the leaves are still on the trees even though they have turned colour, and the colours are really vibrant.  I did doctor this photo a little because the camera was just not reproducing the brilliance of the leaves with the sun shining on them, but the colours really were flashy.  Notice in this picture, the rock showing through the hill.  That is pretty typical of the Laurentians where the hills are basically rocky lumps with a little soil dusted over the top, just enough to grow some trees.

 The reds and purples are very rich.

 For most of the drive, I had colour all around me.  Miles and miles of coloured hills.  It was wonderful.

 Beautiful cherry red trees with softer yellow and peach leaves.  Everywhere beautiful views - I could have taken hundreds of photos. What I really like about the fall colours is that you are immersed in it. It's not just a tree here, a tree there.  It is all around you, and if you walk in a hardwood forest, the blazing colour starts at your feet and rises to 100' above you.  It's like being transported to a different world.

After all that colour, a restful cool full moon on the way home.


  1. Wonderful colour. Still waiting for the full autumn effect here but it's never as spectacular as your photos.

  2. You sure chose the perfect day to go for a drive in the mountains. Beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous colours!! And I saw that moon too. So pretty. The leaves are looking pretty nice around here now.

  4. Great colors and scenery, Jenny!