Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Pony

Isn't this just the cutest little pony with his mom? He was born last night (this morning?) at my friend's house. He is about as big as a German shepherd dog. His dad was even shorter than his mom so he may qualify as a miniature horse if he stays small enough. His mom is a real sweety, very gentle with people. She makes lovely soft nickery noises to her baby and always keeps an eye on him. She checks him for any spots that need tidying up and will lick him if he's not perfectly in order. He gave a little buck once when she was licking his rump - "Enough Mom, enough!"

It was a big night and he's sleepy. Notice that his skin on his side is still a little wrinkled from being in the womb. He gave a big stretch a little later. How good it must feel to be able to STRETCH when you've been all scrunched up in your mom for so long. Doesn't he have lovely markings?

His father is a Curly, a kind of hypoallergenic pony, and it's hoped that this little guy will also have the curly gene. From above you can see than his mane is pretty wavy and the fur on his rump has a bit of a wave as well so he probably is a real Curly.