Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bustling Birds

 The other day when lots of birds were bustling about, flitting amongst the weeds and shrubs, I saw a downy woodpecker in the mix.  Normally I only see them in the woods looking for bugs in the trees, but this day they were searching for food in the smaller plants.  Such handsome little birds.  I had to use lots of zoom so the pictures are fuzzy, but the striking markings, nevertheless, make the little guy stand out.

 I could hear all kinds of birds but they were so active I couldn't focus in on any particular one.  I just took a random shot and later saw that there were two sparrows in the picture,

and a junco on the power line also made his way into the frame.


  1. Lovely shots! I just noticed juncos this week. Winter's coming!

  2. Funny, I also noticed the juncos when I came home on Thanksgiving. There were 5 or 6 on my lawn and they all lifted when I pulled in.