Sunday, April 8, 2012

River Road

A pleasant little river with a few ducks.

I was recently asked by someone if we had Netflix or something similar.  We don't and we don't have satellite either .  She asked if I watched much TV.  Well, most of the time we only get one channel.  So, no, we don't watch much TV.  On a cold, clear night , we probably will also get PBS from Watertown, NY,  but if it's too warm, or cloudy, or worse, rainy, PBS won't come in.  I can sometimes stream shows from TVO on the computer, but that's only if the computer is pulling in a high enough speed (our computer speed is extremely erratic). It makes me smile that in this day of IPads and IClouds and all kinds of other technological marvels that, while I live within 1 1/2 hours drive of two major cities, I can only reliably pull in one TV station . Years ago, we could count on a good picture on probably 4 channels, and a bad picture on a few others. So actually, we have gone backwards.  Never mind, I have my trusty books - not ebooks or audiobooks - just plain old paper books.  Their batteries never run out, or their speed run down, and they are never affected by bad weather.  Three cheers for REAL BOOKS!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

His Love Never Dies

He would not feed
Ambition and greed,
Boasting and pride.
He said you decide.
Barrabas or me,
Who to set free.
With hate in their eyes
They settled for lies.
His truth and his love,
like the song of a dove,
To them nothing meant.
His body was spent
Amid their loud cries;
But His love never dies.