Saturday, October 14, 2017

Warm Fall

 After a cool rainy summer, we had a beautiful warm sunny September, and now even in October the weather has been mild. Some of the open areas have had frost but we are protected by all our trees and haven't had any frost yet.

The annuals have, of course, slowed down but there are still bright spots of colour.

 The zucchini which got off to a slow start is still producing bright yellow squash. Usually by this time of year it's on the compost pile.

Some red leaves are to be found but a lot of the leaves are just brown.  Too much rain and then too little rain isn't good for fall colour.

Compared to last year, the fall colour is quite subdued.  Never mind, we had a wonderful September.

 I planted this Cimefuga in a rough area and was pretty surprised to see its snowy white flower stalk.  It has gone through one winter so here's hoping it will keep surviving. It has a sweet scent to it.

 The purple loosestrife goes a pale pink in the fall. I like the delicate colouring.

Good old reliable sedum.  Never had a year when it didn't perform well.

The wild purple asters are just as pretty as any nursery bought plant. And the bonus with them is they are tough as nails.
Our new granddaughter was born last week so I am seeing life at both extremes these days: my mother who is 93 and the new baby. And, of course, there's everybody else in between those two.
It can feel quite similar being with an old person and a baby - lots of just hanging out together and food is a highlight of the day.
A squirrel is hiding nuts in the little hay shed, and the chipmunks are scurrying purposefully around the yard getting ready for winter. Won't be long now.