Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Houses

 I've always liked this French Canadian style house that was built about twenty years ago. I should have taken a side picture to show the way the slope of the roof levels out near the bottom giving a graceful curve to the roof line.  The house has natural fieldstone as a outer covering.  Houses of this style,  usually built in Quebec, were originally solid fieldstone. The steep pitch of the roof was for the snow to slide off easily. This house is not as large as it appears as one end is an indoor swimming pool and the other end is a garage.

 A more typical Ontario farmhouse which may be about 100 years old.  It has a durable metal roof which will last for decades, and  it has some nice trim around the porch roof.
 An impressive tree in the front yard.  I think it's probably a weeping willow.

 Another old farm house that used to be white, and has taken on a new livelier colour.  It is L-shaped and probably began life as a small square house that had an addition added to it.  Many of the old houses were quite small given how many people lived in them.  When you had to cut wood to heat the house, small was what you wanted.

 I have wondered if this house was a boarding house at one time because it is pretty large for a regular farm house.  I like the veranda that goes all the way around. Verandas are such handy spaces - a good place to store firewood, a shady spot to sit out in the summer, or a  place that can be gated off to allow little children to get some fresh air with minimal supervision.

Although this house looks like a frame building, it is actually cement block under the siding. Near the front of the house, which you can't really see in this picture, is a little shrine with a statue to the Virgin Mary.


  1. Beautiful houses - I would love to live in any of them. My mother was born in Canada and somehow there is a small connection. In another life maybe...

  2. Lovely and interesting houses. My brother and his family live in an old fieldstone house. The walls are three feet thick, except in the basement which has four feet of stone. It is an incredible house!

    The older houses are so interesting, especially with their odd additions. Modern homes, while more convenient and energy efficient don't inspire the same interest.

    Thanks for sharing!