Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Barn and Brain Games

An old hay barn looking a little shabby, but still solid as you can see by the straight roof line.

My husband and I have been doing Lumosity brain games since last summer, and finding the games really do perk up your brain.  You have to pay a subscription fee but I think you get your money's worth.  Lumosity is using data from the members' games to do research into cognitive function .  The games are classified into 5 groups: memory, flexibility, speed , problem solving, and attention.  Memory games focus on visual memory; flexibility games exercise task switching and vocabulary; speed games test  reaction to visual cues; problem solving games are mostly mathematical computation; and attention games sharpen  peripheral vision or keeping track of multiple moving objects. All the games have a sliding difficult scale so that as you master one level the game becomes more difficult.  You get a score for each game and overall averages for the games.  If you are competitive, you can compare your scores with the average of the other members.  Both my husband and I have notice an improvement in our alertness and our brains just feel fitter.  A good antidote to the short days of winter.

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  1. I wondered what Lumosity was like. Thanks for letting me know. I was interested in buying it and it's good to have the recommendation from someone who has used it!