Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Memories of Summer

 I like winter, but a little touch of summer in January is good. It's time to start planning the garden.

 I already have some seeds from Thompson & Morgan as I bought a flower and a vegetable grab bag.
One package is an interesting tomato variety Ildi which produces large pendulous bunches of small yellow tomatoes.  Another package is an heirloom tomato variety Super Marmande which is very popular in Europe.  We shall see  if the summer is hot and sunny enough for that to produce fruit here. Other seeds of interest are a melon cross- Galia F1 Hybrid (honey dew and cantaloupe), Basil lime, and leeks.

In the flower assortment is a flower new to me:  Legousia pentagonia.  It's a short annual with small blue flowers. I also received Cosmos Brightness Mix which has yellows and oranges instead of the usual pinks of cosmos. They should look nice with the orange California poppies  and portulaca Happy Hour Mix which were also in the grab bag.


  1. Oh how I would love a vine-ripened tomato right now. ;))

  2. Those all sound delightful. And right about now, heavenly! Stay warm and keep planning. A great idea. I may start looking for shade plant seeds.