Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aah! Blue Skies!

 In spite of cold temperatures and, recently,  a polar vortex, the skies have been stubbornly cloudy most of the last few weeks.  It really hasn't been very suitable for walks at all .  We've had frigid temps, freezing rain and then unrelenting wind.  Finally, today, the great outdoors beckoned.

 It felt so good to get the clean, frosty air in my lungs.

 Already the blue in the sky is getting more intense, leading up to the vibrant February blues.

Afternoon moon showing up well against the blue sky.  Tonight, we may get to see the Northern Lights as they are predicting activity because of sun storms. I'll try to remember to have a look later this evening.


  1. It`s finally starting to warm up here. We won`t see the Northern Lights though as we`re in heavy fog. :(

  2. Nice. Love your moon shot! It has been too cold to even dare look up lest I get captured and run for the camera! Moon Dazzled, I think. We saw it last night when Bill was all bundled up in hat, coat, boots and gloves. He was headed for the Northern Lights. I said, well I'm coming then. All we saw a few stars, a lovely 1/2 moon and felt that icy chill of cold that we have all come to love so much the past month. Here is to a warm Spring! I thought of you today as I was taking an icicle photo...and your warning to BEWARE of some time ago! I was. I will post it later today I HOPE.