Sunday, January 5, 2014


 Last year for some reason, we didn't have many squirrels, and I wasn't fussing over them eating out of the bird feeder.  This year is another story, so time for some defensive action .  As a side note, we have a couple of beige squirrels this year that I guess are a mix of red and grey, like the little guy in the above photo.  Yesterday, I also saw a red squirrel with a snow white tip to his tail.

I was going to try to make a floppy shield out of juice bottles, and our son suggested that we turn them upside down.  This is how it looks.  Not pretty, but yesterday I counted seven squirrels feeding on the ground and not a single one on the bird feeder.  Lots of birds coming to feed, though.
Today, the squirrels aren't around much and still none in the feeder.  And the birds are still content.
I attached some smaller cut water bottles to the top of the suet feeder and I'll see how that goes.  Last year, the squirrels would stick their little paws through the holes of the suet holder and scoop it out.  It would be gone in no time.  I'm not kidding myself that this is a lasting solution to the squirrel problem as they are such clever fellows, but for now I'm pleased to see the birds eating the seed.


  1. Well if that isn't quiet the contraption. I didn't feed birds all summer and then this fall we had a bumper crop of pinecones for the squirrels so I know they have plenty. I have my bird feeder hung on thin wires, but they aren't even coming around for the ground droppings so I know they are feeling their bellies on good old natural forest food. Oh we had a bump crop of mushrooms as well.

  2. Excellent work! That should keep them out of there for a while!