Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Including Native Plants

 I'm not a very tidy gardener, and I tend to let enthusiastic plants have their spot in the garden even if I didn't plant them there.  Often, the effect ends up being quite attractive.  In this photo, Looking Glass brunnera is tucked in with wild blue cohosh and red trillium.

 Wild foamflower flourishes with a some good soil and provides a nice patch of groundcover.  It can handle being quite dry, but it does prefer shade in the summer.

 The large leaves and dramatic markings of the native Jack-in-the-pulpit can hold their own place in a garden with hosta and plain green brunnera.

A native yellow violet, that has finished blooming, fills in between a hosta and tiarella.
The native plants are usually pretty tough and less prone to insect damage. Even if they don't have showy flowers, the leaves are often attractive shapes that add interest to the garden.

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