Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daffodil Days

 Daffodils come in many different shapes, colours and sizes.  This one is advertised as a pink and white one, although to my mind it is more peach and white.  Depending on the weather, the center can be more yellow.

Miniature daffys are more manageable for a small garden and still come in a variety colours.  The Minnow variety in this pic. has two blooms on every stem.

But nothing beats the bright, happy yellow of the traditional daffodil.

 This white daffodil is playing host to a distinctively marked crab spider.

And this one with a darker center against lighter yellow petals, has a young bug of some kind visiting.
Daffodils will last for years but they will stop blooming properly is they get overcrowded.  Dividing them every 3-5 years keeps them happy.  A feeding of bulb fertilizer when replanting the bulbs will make them flower even better.  Most daffodils are scented, with the double frilly ones having excellent fragrance.

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