Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blue Purple Pink - Multi-coloured flowers

 Plants are wonderful and full of surprises.  For instance, why do some plants have different coloured flowers?  The pulmonaria blooms, as far as I can tell, are different colours no matter how old the bloom is.  Makes for a very pretty display.

 This Virginia bluebell has very pink buds that turn very blue on opening,

 but right beside it is a plant that is all pinky purple.  The two plants were the same colour as each other last year. I suppose, as it is with hydrangeas, slight differences in the soil could account for the different colours.

 Forget-me-nots are traditionally blue but often grow sports that are white or pink.  Seed from a white sport will probably give you a blue plant though.  Quite intriguing. 

The forget-me-not buds are often pink and the flowers turn blue as they open, but the white flowers come from white buds.

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  1. Oh, how simply lovely the flowers are! Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    The snow is finally gone here so hopefully we'll see some flowers here soon!