Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gorgeous Green

 The trees are particularly lush this year.  Not sure why as last summer was dry, and, after an average winter, we had a dry April.  Anyway, it all looks very jungley and alive and refreshing.

 I transplanted these ferns from a damp part of our property and they are growing quite well on the north side of the house.  Ferns lighten up a shady spot with their feathery fronds.

I like the way these hosta leaves are pushing each other,so full of vim and vigour, as they hurry to grow with the good weather.
I always find green is an invigorating colour.  We used to drive to Maine in June, and going through Vermont (the green mountains) we were just saturated with green, green, and more green.  Felt great.


  1. Green! My favourite colour in all its variations. Great shots.

  2. My favorite word "Maine". That's where I live. And after a whole week of rain, we have green like above. :)

    1. Our family loved our time in Maine. We used to go to Kennebunkport and hang out at Parson's Beach.