Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Horsey Surprise

 My neighbour has been trying to breed a paint horse for several years with no real success until now.
A day or two ago, this little one was born to the chestnut mare, and what a beautiful foal it is.  For me, the black head would be a real plus as horses with white ears or noses usually suffer from sunburn on those spots. The white he (she) has on his face is just perfect.

 "Yes, I like to stay close to Mama."  Notice the whispy little whiskers under his bottom lip, and his amazing white tail with a black tip. I have never seen a tail like that before and I don't know if his tail will become one colour as he matures. Fun while it lasts, anyway.

 See his little tongue sticking out? What a cutie.  I love the fuzzy forelocks foals have when they are very young.

 A couple of neighbourhood dogs were enjoying frolicking in a ditch.  It was summery hot today so the cool water must have felt good.  The brown dog is sort of a canine Huck Finn, always into games and adventure, and leading his sidekick astray.  I hope the owners won't be too disappointed when the dogs come home wet, muddy, and likely stinky.

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