Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Dreaming...

 It's been a blustery day with snow squalls and a significant drop in temperature after a rainy day yesterday.  Time to peruse a garden catalogue or two, in company with some primulas.

Spring Garden has a cool red and white rose , "Rock & Roll" , that has a very full flower and a strong fragrance. Also in their catalogue, mixed Victorian primroses (primula eliator hybrid) in four different colours all with a distinctive yellow border round each petal.  For a sunny or part-shade location, a Ruby Spice Summersweet would be a good bee magnet.

Breck's offers a short-petaled coneflower in a lovely rosey-red - "Raspberry Truffle".  New this year are a Himalyan Snow Marsh Marigold (white) (Caltha palustris) suitable for a damp area, a bright magenta  Japanese Bottlebrush (Sanguisorba obtus), and a very frilly white tuberous begonia with a red border to the flower - "Crispa Marginata".

Hope you're having fun planning your gardens.


  1. It;s great to see flower photos, this time of year especially! LOVE the colours.

  2. Thank goodness January is over and February has begun and we can start to dream of spring. These wonderful pics of flowers certainly help.