Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dogs in T-Shirts

 Why is this little dog wearing a shirt? The bites he got from the neighbour's dog were healing up really nicely, but they suddenly got itchy.  That happened on the day of his check-up with the vet, and she wondered if he would need one of those awful cone-collars to keep him from licking his wounds.  Instead we thought we would try out the little shirt (it's actually a onesey - size 18 months) and see if that would work.  He felt a little strange with it on at first but quickly adjusted.  When he goes out to pee, we simply roll it up to his armpits so it doesn't get wet so we aren't having to take it on and off throughout the day.  The cotton fabric breathes nicely so his injuries are staying nice and dry.

Ginger is wearing a snazzy purple shirt because she was licking the callous on her elbow and making it sore.  The shirt has allowed it to heal - should be able to take the shirt off in a few more days.  Her T-shirt is particularly stretchy which makes it fit better than Jaws' green one. I think purple looks quite nice on her.

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