Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple Seasonings

 I was watching a cooking show recently and the chef was cooking a variety of fresh vegetables. Most of the recipes were simple, but the simplest one was boiled corn with butter sprinkled with salt and pepper.  At first, I was amused that such a basic recipe would even be demonstrated, but on reflection I thought it was a good idea to remind people that simple can still be delicious. Surely fresh corn with butter, salt and pepper is a treat. 
Pepper has been used to flavour food since at least 2 BC. For something to be popular for so long, it must taste good.

This coarse sea salt grinds up very nicely and gives a bit of crunchy texture if it's added just before serving.  I guess what makes salt and pepper such outstanding seasonings is that they seem to go well with every kind of meat and vegetable, and they blend well with other seasonings.

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