Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yup, It's Winter!

 Yesterday, we had some snow and then the temperature went above freezing and melted most of it.
We had some rain overnight.  This morning, the forecast said clearing and colder temperatures.  Sounds OK for driving.  Halfway to church, which is about a 15 min drive, the snow and wind start to kick up.  I almost didn't make it up a small, but steep hill, in spite of having snow tires.  Oh well, by the time I will be heading home, the snow will have stopped and the plows will have cleared the roads.  Two hours later, it is a full blown blizzard.  Near white-out conditions.  I am using the telephone polls to help me gauge where the road is.  On the plus side, nobody, except the pick-up behind me, is out on the road.  I'm thankful I know the road and can anticipate the hills and curves, and I am really thankful for the yellow and black hazard signs on the sharp corners.  As I get closer to home , I relax a little more.  If I go in the ditch, I can walk the last mile or two home.  I am well equipped for a walk in the snow as my No. 1 winter driving rule is always take a warm coat, warm boots, warm hat and warm mitts, no matter how benign the weather looks. Finally, I turn unto our road and soon I'm safely parked in the driveway.   A few hours later, the sun does, in fact, come out
and, although it's still windy, the snow has stopped blowing around.  Another day in the life of an average Canadian.

 We had two pretty easy winters last year and the year before.  This year is more normal, but instead of people griping about it, I find they are  glad we are having a "real" winter again.  Maybe we were missing battling the elements, starting to worry that we would turn all wimpy and unable to cope with challenges.  We are a funny bunch, to be sure.

 I've experienced over 50 snowy winters and I never stop marveling at how beautiful the snow looks on the evergreens.

Patterns, patterns, patterns.  Wonderful, intricate patterns.

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