Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 The snow is mounded up on all sorts of things outside. 

 These bins hold our recycling.  There will be some emptying to do before pick-up day.

 A load of ice cream in the wheelbarrow?

The snowman built with chunks of snow because the snow wasn't sticky enough to roll.

The snow muffles sounds and if you're also wearing a warm winter hat , it's very quiet outside.
When we were kids, tired from playing , we would sometimes plop down, flat on our backs, in the snow . You would sink down in the snow so that you had snow walls about a foot high around you that blocked your vision of everything except the sky above. It was so soothing, it was hard not to stay there and fall asleep.


  1. The mounds of snow are fascinating because they soften the world into such round gentle shapes. Love the snowman made out of chunks of snow.

  2. I adore the look of the snow but I'm not sure I would be able to live with it. I do envy the photo opportunities it creates!
    You have some lovely photos on your blog. :o)