Wednesday, May 16, 2012


 Yesterday I saw the geese with 6 goslings ,all of them in the water, but I didn't have my camera. Aargh!  This is proud Papa, I think.

 This morning I went with my camera but the goslings were pretty much out of sight on the downside of the pond bank.

 A fuzzy pic of some little heads - looks like some undercover surveillance shot.

 I'll check on them tomorrow morning and hopefully they will be in the water.  I'll go earlier and maybe they'll be out for a morning swim.

Another fuzzy pic of a mother cat and her kitten - same property as the geese.


  1. I like the fuzzy picture of the heads of the young goslings, and also the fuzzy picture of the cat and her kitten. They are very artsie shots. I hope you get to see the goslings again on the water - that would be a lovely sight.

  2. "Soft focus" is what you call it, then it all sounds meaningful, arty and intentional! I rather like the cat and kitten shot.