Friday, May 18, 2012

Baltimore Oriole

Usually the oriole's are high in the treetops, but this morning a male oriole was in a hawthorn bush and I was able to get some pictures.  Click on the pics for a full view.

 I like the way his tail is fanned out.

 I don't know what he is eating - either insects or nectar.  He stayed on the bush for a while pecking at something.

The mourning dove posed very obligingly while I took a shot. The delicate markings aren't flashy like the oriole's but they are still very attractive.


  1. These are wonderful shots of the Baltimore Oriole. They are such beautiful birds with their incredible colouring. I especially like the second picture.

  2. Wonderful pictures!! I often see my pair of Orioles however they never sit still for my camera. Fabulous!

  3. That's a fine-looking bird! I'm jealous! we only have one Oriole in the UK, the Golden Oriole - very scarce, very shy and very difficult to see despite their striking plumage.

  4. He's beautiful...I think maybe we have these during the summer months but I've never seen one before - lovely colors
    My yard is busy with hummering birds..I think orioles may be looking for orange feeders - I'll check
    You take wonderful photos - I've enjoyed meeting you, have a great week