Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Foamflower, White Violet

 The wild foamflowers (tiarella) are blooming in the woods.  They can handle quite a bit of sun, but prefer a shady location where the soil will stay cooler.

 Some of the leaves have blotchy maroon markings.

 When they are happy, they will form quite a large patch spreading by stolons like strawberries.

 A domesticated tiarella with pale pink florets and deeply divided leaves with dark markings in the middle. 

 A clump of wild white violets.

I really like the "whiskers" on the white violets.

 A domesticated white violet descendant from one I got from my grandmother about thirty years ago.

Epimedium leaves showing their reddish boarder and patterning.

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  1. Violets whether purple or white are delightful in their shyness, peeping out from behind the more showy foliage. Lovely photos.