Sunday, May 27, 2012


 The red-stemmed dogwood is especially attractive at this time of year with its clusters of white flowers.  It is a hardy native shrub with multiple stems that grows to about 3' high. Usually it prefers a moist location with sun.

 The alternate-leaf dogwood, another native, is really a small tree that can grow up to about 12', but usually is closer to 6'.  On our property, it prefers to be on the margin of the woods where it gets sun, but the roots are shaded by the other trees.  Lots of flowers at this time of year for the little pollinators.

The wild anemone often grows in the poor soil by the side of the road. It's only about 6" tall.

We had stormy weather a couple of days ago with lightning, high winds, rain and hail.  Across the Ottawa river in Quebec, a couple of small tornadoes touched down knocking down some silos and ripping off some barn roofs.  Thankfully, all people and animals were safe. The system went through quite quickly that one evening, and now we are back to beautiful sunny weather with slightly cooler temperatures.

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