Friday, May 25, 2012

My Trusty Lawnmower

 Here is my trusty lawnmower, Pepper, in the sun,

 and in the shade. As well as feeding him hay, I usually hand-graze him for about an hour a day since we don't have any pasture for him, and he likes to keep our lawns cut.

 Wow! He looked up! In the whole hour, he will maybe look up 3 or 4 times.  He takes his job very seriously.  Horses can chew and swallow at the same time, I guess, because he just chews non-stop and somehow the grass gets into his tummy.

 "Hay, I want this blade of grass over here."  He's usually pretty good about not trying to drag me around but sometimes something is just irresistible.  Note the big knot in his lead at the bottom of the page.  A number of years ago, he broke the tough nylon lead  when someone tied him up.  Yup, just snapped it.  After that, I spent some time teaching him to stand quietly when he was tied and not freak out if he felt pressure on his halter.  Now, I rarely have to tie him up anyway since he is on his lead when he is outside of his yard, and he stands quietly in his yard if I am grooming him or working on his feet.  When he broke his lead, I thought I might as well just knot it together instead of buying a new one for him to break. And it's still holding together after quite a few years.

I thought I would include several pictures to give you a real sense of our outing. Not much action, but a very relaxing hour spent with my four-legged friend.


  1. Hello Pepper! I want a lawn mower like that. He is a handsome and well-mannered boy.