Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 Brand new baby, born this morning.  I'll try to get some better pictures in the coming days.

 We had a couple of strong thunderstorms come through yesterday afternoon.  This poplar came down beside the road but  the ones in the picture below fell across the road and had to be cut to clear the way. 

Some of the fields are pretty wet because we got about 3" of rain.  Actually, I think the farmers are pretty happy about it as it has been a dry spring.  This moisture will help the seedlings get off to a good start.   

 At the park, some young children were enjoying their outing with their teacher.  The water looks fresh and inviting, but it's not really clean enough for worry-free swimming.   Still, it's pleasant to look at.

 Some pedal boats and a canoe for a leisurely pedal/paddle.

The soccer fields are greening up nicely.  Brings back memories of many evenings spent at soccer games when the kids played in the local league.  Lots of driving around for that  as it is a county league with fields in many of the villages. The away games could be a 15min. drive or a 40 min. drive. from home.  At the beginning of the season, there would always be some poor parent who showed up half-way through the game because they got lost trying to find the field.  This field is the best one of the lot, being flat and open to a breeze.  Some of the fields were on a bit of a slope, and some had lots of bushes near them  which meant there were lots of mosquitoes and the ball occasionally got lost in the vegetation.  When our oldest daughter first started playing, I call the coach one evening to see if the game was cancelled as it was raining heavily. "Not unless there's thunder and lightning," was the answer.  And so it was.  They played rain or shine.  There is a long tradition of soccer in our area and one of the local girls plays for the Canadian Women's Olympic team.  Many others play on university teams.