Monday, May 14, 2018

Various Varieties

It's always fun to see what annuals are for sale as the selection varies from year to year. This year Home Hardware had a flashy selection of hibiscus. In our climate, it's used as an annual. You can see how big the blooms are compared to the petunia. I'm curious to see if the hummingbird that usually comes in June will like it.
I don't always buy pansies as they flag in the summer heat but I got some this year. I like this soft purple one with the distinct veining.
To me this is a really classic pansy.

 Some of the tulips are going wacky. I think they are reverting from red to yellow.  The in between phase is very colourful.

Grape hyacinths are not the showiest flower but they do smell like grape popsicles.

 Bishop's cap is a silly looking plant but it grows well in the shade and makes a nice leafy clump after the blooms fade.
Native merrybells have a lovely form. I let them pop up wherever they like.


  1. A great selection of colourful blooms. I think I read somewhere that wacky tulips like that have some kind of disease that affects the bulbs, though they carry on growing for many years.

  2. I've just looked it up - Tulip Break Virus is the culprit, or the blessing, here.

  3. Excellent choice of Various Varieties. Like the blooms. I also want to create a indoor garden full of flowers. Hope my wish one day come true!