Monday, May 7, 2018

Springin' Up

 A bright little patch of miniature daffodils.

 The trilliums bloom without fail the first week of May. It doesn't matter what the weather, their internal clocks have them opening up at the same time every year. We are gradually getting more red trilliums , while the number of white trilliums stays about the same. The white trilliums are happy to pop up in the flower beds where the soil is a little richer.

The dog-tooth violets are also becoming more numerous which is nice. Our patches of wild garlic keep expanding as we don't pick it. Many wild patches are picked bare by people who sell it at markets so I'm happy to nurture our patches.

 The pulmonaria is so happy on our property. I started with a couple of plants from my mother's garden which originally came from my grandmother's garden, and now I have hundreds of plants growing with no care at all. I love the pretty colours and spotty leaves. It's also a very, very good plant for the bees, both honeybees and bumblebees.
 Who is this? One of the clan of Rascally Rodents. I think their latest snack is nasturtium seeds as I saw some empty hulls where I had planted nasturtiums.
The robins are nesting in the horse shed and I saw a pair of flycatchers a couple of times so I guess they will build a nest on the property.  I see and hear a cardinal pair regularly just across the road so they are undoubtedly nesting over there. So nice to have the birds around.


  1. Everything's looking splendid. I know what you mean about Pulmonaria, it fills any space that it can find.

  2. Everything is starting to look beautiful. We are planning to plant some flowers this upcoming weekend outside of our office. Hopefully, they will bloom as beautiful as yours in the photos. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

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