Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mallards and May Flowers

I saw a Mallard pair swimming in the ditch by the road in front of our property. I thought it was rather sad that they thought the ditch constituted a pond, rather like the urbanites in their 500 sq.ft. condos who think their little rooms constitute a house.  But I guess we have to make-do with whatever is available.
I hope the ducks find better water to swim in as there is a stream not far away.

 They wandered away and then flew off as I approached them. Funny how the female is always to the right of the male.
I saw two lovely rose-breasted grosbeaks this morning. So happy they have stopped by. Usually they  move on in a couple of weeks.  Now I am waiting to see or hear a Baltimore oriole. They also come by this time of year and have a beautiful flute-like song.
 Some pots on the deck. I noticed several missing  pansy blooms and I suspect it's my little friend, the chipmunk, who has been nibbling on them.
 The tulips are starting to bloom. I like the purple, mauve, yellow mix that came from Veseys. I was pleased to see the small reddish ones are still blooming as this is year 3 for them. I have some grape hyacinths at the edge of the tulips. The green clump to the right is wild ginger which makes a nice ground cover although it can be somewhat aggressive.
 Click for full photo.The red  primula polyantha bloom a little later than the bright yellow ones but the flowering time overlaps somewhat. The red really stands out next to the yellow. Near the back are some pale yellow polyantha and in the upper left are some cowslip primula which are just starting to open up. In the lower left, is a gold-leafed bleeding heart a friend gave me last year.
 I planted a regular bleeding heart near the purple windflower. I think that will work .

The white trilliums are welcome volunteers.
We are expecting thunderstorms this evening so that will perk up all the plants.


  1. Mallards wander far and wide at this time of year looking for a place to nest. They are always in pairs and turn up in some unlikely places.

  2. I love all the little flowers and plants that you shared. I see the Mallards here in the ditches and small ponds also, perhaps they like them!!

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