Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Making Lemonade

 I like crocuses. They are  cheery announcers of spring.  Alas, our squirrels and/or chipmunks have developed a taste for them and I am left with just the odd one they missed. So now I am planting more chindoxia (glory-of-the-snow) which they don't like.

 The critters also don't like scillas which freely self-sow on our property. I'm happy for that because they give the bees and other pollinators something to feed on early in the season. I saw a bumblebee this afternoon feeding on the chindoxia , but the honeybees liked the scillas more.

And they are very pretty.

 My trusty yellow primulas always come through the winter unscathed.
The weather has been warm the last few days so suddenly the plants are coming awake.
It was a long winter so hooray for spring!!

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