Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ride Home

Every couple of weeks, I drive into Quebec to visit my mom.  That means I have to cross the Ottawa River which is the dividing line between Ontario and Quebec in our area.  There is a little park just after the bridge on the way home, but I rarely stop as I am usually tired and just want to get home.
Today, I arrived a bit earlier and thought I would stop and take a few photos. This big hand sculpture (actually there are two of them) is relatively new, and has something to do with La Francophonie (French speaking people primarily outside of Quebec), but I really don't know what the significance is.
 It was very humid today so the water looked grey and the trees were muted.

Some geese flew overhead, but the seagull on the lamppost was not impressed.

 The hills in the distance are the Laurentian Mountains.

 Over the years, the river has become cleaner as the pulp industry upstream has shut down.  As well, Ottawa, which is also upstream of here, has worked hard to clean up its sewage.  On a sunny day, the river is a lovely fresh blue.
 A funny collection of plants, that I think have outgrown the original concept, make an interesting grouping.
I'm not too sure what this arch is about, but it has somebody's name on it.

I'm not sure what this bridge-like affair is either.  Lots of mysteries today.

But I'm pretty sure that the yellow boat is a kayak, a very popular boat for use on the river.

A couple is enjoying a ride on a little motorized craft.  It looks like a cross between a seadoo and a dinghy. It was quite warm today, so some water-time would have been very pleasant.

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  1. So interesting to see something of Canada, in this case the surroundings of the Ottawa river. I can feel the gloomy atmosphere of the weather.