Saturday, August 29, 2015

Little Bits and Pieces from the Week

 This little fellow is staying with us for a few weeks.  He is very cheerful (notice the wagging tail in the photo), but unfortunately our other resident dog, Jaws, does not like him so we must keep them apart.  Our visitor normally lives in Montreal, and is enjoying his country camp time in spite of getting fox-tail burrs in his fur and becoming decidedly dirtier.  Maybe we should give him a bath and a thorough brush before he goes home.

 A triple tomato I picked the other day.

 Globe flower is not often offered as a nursery plant, but I like the long lasting flowers that are especially welcome near the end of the summer. It also blooms in white and pale pink, but I like the strong magenta best.  It dries beautifully and keeps its colour for months.

I learned recently that the lovely blue lobelia, that works so well in pots and baskets, is native to South Africa.  It grows in open areas, and the wild variety looks just like the commercially grown flowers.

The cardinal flowers (also a kind of lobelia) are still growing well, and they are sending up multiple blooming shoots now.  I hope they make it through the winter.  I saw a hummingbird today, and hopefully the bright red flowers will keep her coming back.


  1. No wonder the little dog is happy if he's in the countryside and getting dirty - delay that bath as long as possible!

  2. I'm here for the first time and saw your cute little visitor. As I'm a keen gardener and love visiting gardens in real but also virtually, I will be your new follower.
    Regards, Janneke

    1. I'm glad to meet you. I'll visit your site :)

  3. My mother LOVED lobelia! I must plant it next year.

  4. The Lobelia I purchased this year did very well, while the alyssum did not. Must remember to make a note of that for next year.

    I love the globe flowers - Mom had the in her garden but I don't get enough sun in my yard.

    Love the photos, have fun with the little guy!

  5. Your flowers are wonderful. I miss not having any of my own this year. Maybe next Spring the spirit will strike me. That little doggie is just like my family puppy. My children loved her and so did we. So nice to be reminded of her.