Sunday, September 20, 2015

North Rustico, PEI

 An old anchor in North Rustico on the north shore of PEI.  The name Rustico is an Anglicization of the French name Rassicot.  Some of the French Acadians came to PEI when the British kicked them out of Nova Scotia in the 1700s.

We decided to check out the gift shop.

 Lots of odds and ends, but nothing terribly interesting.  I ended up buying a few seashells.

 These potato gloves are kind of fun and practical, too.  They are made out of a  scratchy material so that when you rub the potatoes with your gloved hands, the dirt comes off.  But then you have to wash the gloves.  Hum, maybe it's easier to just scrub the potatoes with a brush.  PEI is well known for its potatoes, and I was expecting to see lots of potato fields.  I saw a few of them, but also lots of fields of corn and soya beans. Perhaps we were just in the wrong part of PEI, not in real potato country.

 A small lighthouse.

 An osprey, I think.

 A typical fishing boat.  It's hard to imagine that they take these boats out into the wide ocean to fish.  They look like they could so easily be swamped .  Brave men, those fishermen.  Some of the boats don't even have a wall at the stern because it's easier to haul in the nets with the open back.  Seriously scary.
I didn't know that we had tuna off the Canadian coast.

 Lobster traps are everywhere in the Maritimes.  The fisherman sell off their old ones to tourists, and get a little extra money that way.

 Ever since I was a Girl Guide, I've had an interest in knots.  Maybe that's why I like knitting.

 The supervisors.

A row of boats neatly tied up. Click for full photo.


  1. The kind of place where I love to wander with a camera, its appearance seems to be well summed-upby the wonderful name - Rustico!

  2. I haven't been to PEI in ages! I love the island's red soil. And how could you not love the rest of the island as well? I really ought to visit PEI again!