Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cavendish - Home of Anne of Green Gables

 We headed further west along the north beach, up near Cavendish, the town made famous by the Anne books written by L M Montgomery.  PEI has very red soil which shows up in the cliffs, the farmers' fields, and along the beach.

 Pebbly pattern.
The flat stones inspired someone to make a couple of inukshuks.

 A barnacle covered piece of driftwood  looks like some ancient sea monster.

The sea grass on the lumpy sand dunes reminds me of an old carpet put out to air.

 A sturdy boardwalk climbs up over the dunes and down the other side.

The beaches just go on for miles and miles.

Driving back to Charlottetown, the scenery is very much like our home area except for frequent glimpses of the ocean. It really is a pretty place to visit. We didn't visit Green Gables, although we drove by it, but tourists, especially from Japan, love to see the farm that inspired the books. The restaurants and cottages for rent have names inspired by the books, and, at the farm itself, a range of activities for children and adults aim to take you back to the beginning of the 20th century PEI.


  1. Oh how wonderful to visit the home of 'Anne of Green Gables' ! Beautiful photos and so inspiring xx

  2. We'll likely pass you on the ferry or one of the highways, as we're currently in Cape Breton until Sunday then off to PEI and Cavendish. We'll be stopping at Cavendish Beach and Green Gables, as I want to put my toes in the water, and one of my travelling companions wants to see Green Gables.

    Save some ice cream for us!