Thursday, September 3, 2015


 Many of the farmers have been growing, what I believe is barley, this year.  Most of it has been harvested in the last week or so, and now the fields are covered in golden orange stubble.

The weather has been dry lately so many farmers are getting in a third cut of hay. They will be pleased to have lots of feed for their cows.

Nice swirly pattern in the field.

Enlarged for a more painterly effect.

The grain stalks are being baled up as straw.

The corn will need to stay in the field for a while yet.  It will have dried down to a dusty beige by the time it is harvested.
 It's been a good year for the corn, too.  And the soya beans.  Not that a farmer would ever tell you that he had a good year. "Not too bad" would likely be the description.

I know, bullrushes are not a crop.  They are just food for the eyes.

We are so blessed to have so much farmland and food and clean water, and agreeable weather.
For some gorgeous gardens and an adorable dog, check-out Janneke  Her blog is in Dutch and English.


  1. As a famer's daughter I love watching the farmland pictures with rows of hay ready for baling, the stubble fields, straw baling and so on. And you have bullrushes in your surroundings too, there are so many here in the wetlands.
    So nice you mentioned my blog here, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I like reading your blog.
    Have a nice weekend!