Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hobomok Skipper Butterfly

 I saw a few of these Hobomok skipper butterflies feeding on some of the flowers this afternoon. A quick check online led me to believe they were Mulberry Wing skippers, but a further ckeck showed me my mistake.  They are very similar, but the pattern on the wing is slightly different. The Mulberry Wing has a light yellow "airplane" on the wing.

The Hobomok skippers are small butterflies that are only about 1" wide, and they flit quickly from plant to plant. This one is on purple calibrachoa .

This photo gives a better view of the wing pattern. Also, they have really big black eyes that somehow look like they are too far back on their heads.  
The centaurea is just starting to bloom but the little butterflies like it so perhaps they will stay around for a while.
They definitely liked the calibrachoa though, diving in head first.


  1. Thanks for posting. Don't think I've ever seen these butterflies before. Very cool shots!!

  2. It's not easy to capture those fast-moving skippers! I love watching them flit from blossom to blossom!