Friday, May 22, 2015


 I know I was being a bit rash to plant as early as I did, but the plants have been doing so well and usually I don't get frost on our property after the first week in May.  The tomatoes are blooming, the lettuce is flourishing and the little cantaloupe plants have been soaking up the sun.  Alas, tonight they are calling for frost, and I think even our spot in the woods will be hit because it really feels cold outside. Well, I'm not going to go down without a fight.  Under the tarp are cucumbers and a tomato plant that already have plastic cloches over them. I also tucked some flower pots under there. My other tomatoes are similarly double-covered.
 The garbage cans are covering the cloched cantaloupes. I really hope they survive because I can't replace them at the garden centre.

Geraniums and statice under the floating row cover. Don't know how much protection that will give them but they can be replaced.  The nicotiana is a little hardy so I hope it will still be standing in the morning.

The morning after:

A slightly bent but very much alive tomato.  

Even these zinnias that weren't covered are fine, so I guess it never dipped quite below freezing although it must have been very, very close.  Tomorrow it will be 25C.  No wonder we are obsessed with weather forecasts in Canada.  You never know what the day will bring.


  1. Finger crossed the forecast is wrong!

  2. Saw a car with frost on the roof -- not sure where he was coming from. It was cold but my plants all survived. Hadn't put in the tomatoes/cukes yet. Happy yours made it through.

  3. I do hope the frosts are OVER for this spring!