Monday, June 1, 2015

Touches of White

At this time of year, the more colourful wild flowers still aren't in bloom; however, many touches of white brighten up the mostly green landscape.  Above, valerian grows in many waste areas.  Later it will give off a lovely smell reminiscent of heliotrope.

A bit of decorative fencing. I decided that I wouldn't just look for white flowers, but also other touches of white in the lanscape.

I keep hearing the orioles, but it is so hard to see them once the trees leaf out. But today, I spotted one in,  I think,  a nannyberry bush. Yes, I know he is not white, but the blossoms are white. He does have a little bit of white on his wing.

"Where's the white?" you ask.  Actually the mesh crib holding rocks is painted white. It's interesting because this spring a beaver decided to improve on the damn by adding branches and dirt.  The water is definitely being held back better.

Canada anemone 

In the distance, some farm buildings.

Foam flower.

Bladder campion
I'm surprised this dandelion still has its hair since we've had wind and rain lately.

And finally, my neighbour's horse sporting a white blaze right to the tip of her nose.

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