Friday, May 1, 2015

Flower Time

 Our local grocery store always has a good selection of potted plants, but this afternoon it looked especially colourful. Out of view of this photo were some bushy blue hydrangeas and an assortment of cut flowers.
While my husband was inside the building supply store, I was outside checking out the garden centre. After a long cold winter, I purchased a pretty pot of purple petunias .  I like the purple ones as they have a nice spicy scent and attract bees, and sometimes hummingbirds.

I also bought a flat of "faced" pansies and divided it between two pots.  I can fill in the empty spots with something else later on. You can save a lot of money by buying flats, or even individual pots, of flowers and potting up your own larger pots or hanging baskets.
The veggie garden is coming along, and it's been mild so I've even planted out the tomatoes.

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