Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Down By The Water

 Sometimes we get a take-out supper and drive down to the St. Lawrence to enjoy the water.  It's not really clean enough to swim in, but it's still nice to get the view across the water.  This evening it was very still, and the river looked more like a large lake than a river with a strong current.

 Happy weeds.

A cement jetty runs out for a little way into the river, and some people do fish from it, but personally I wouldn't want to eat fish caught there.

 Looking west.  The water is so calm even the island is reflected in it.

The water almost looks frozen.

Riverside property with boats ready to go.

Blue view


  1. These photos make this part of the St. Lawrence look like a paradise. It often surprises me to see people fishing in murky waters. Sounds dangerous to me. ;)

  2. There is something so peaceful being by the water, especially when it is calm and looks so blue. The photos are absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely. I am still at the Louise Penney books and these photos are perfect as I listen. I would love to come back up next month to celebrate out anniversary of our wedding on the St, Lawrence.