Monday, September 29, 2014

Art Tour- Cynthia Gatien

 We went to a few studios that were part of an art tour in our area.  On our way in to Cynthia Gatien's studio in Lancaster, I was struck by the blue shoes that this couple were wearing.  She had on bright blue spikes with matching purse, and he had on royal blue suede loafers. Overall the outfits are casual but pleasingly co-ordinated.  Was that planned, or did it just happen?
Anyway, on to some of Cynthia's great paintings.

 I hadn't been to her studio for a few years.  Then, she was painting rich interiors full of colour and designs.  This year, as well as some beautiful florals, she had some whimsical paintings that were just fun to look at.  This was titled "Wait your turn."

 "Leap of Faith".

 "Stop Worrying".

I just had to laugh at this zebra having a good roll.  The poem at the bottom reads:
As he contemplated the unseen,
The zebra was at home in his dream.
Cut from the now 'n tied to the sky
He felt all the reasons he knew he could fly.

 Great poem.  Not too sure what the American flag and bunny have to do with it...  There is a plane in the sky with zebra wings.

 I really like her floral paintings.

And this gorgeous one came home with us!  I will always enjoy it.

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