Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pottery and Glass

 On the art tour, we also stopped by a potter and a glassblower.  I like the simplicity of this vase that wouldn't distract from flowers in it.

 An attractive display of a variety of dishes.

 The artificial flowers add life to an already pleasing assortment of items.

 A bowl that looks like it could be old, although it's new.

 The glassblower is turning glass on a rod that will eventually be a vase.  I tried to get pictures of the process, but he was always in motion : heating the glass in the furnace, swinging the rod, blowing into the rod, rolling the glass on a table or cup, adding crushed glass for colour, etc.  It's quite a complicated process that took about 45minutes to complete the vase. Always fun to watch glassblowers.

 Some small items made by a different glass worker.  I like the polar bears.

 A colourful swirly bowl.

 Another vendor had some necklaces she had strung for sale. 


  1. I always enjoy seeing such craftsmen at work, not only their undoubted skill but also their total absorption in their work. As Ian Dury once memorably remarked "There ain't half been some clever b*%!@!#s"

  2. We watched a glass blower at work in Sweden this summer, and of course brought home some of his work - expensive but oh, so pretty! Pottery is another great love and I am always looking out for something unusual to add to my collection, frequently stuffed into my hand luggage where it travels well - bowls from Japan have made it home intact...