Friday, September 12, 2014

Wood Frog and Saddleback Caterpillar

 Last week we had some dead and dying trees cut in our bush.  While we were tidying up some branches afterwards, we spotted this very handsome frog. " Wow! Some rare frog?" I thought.  Apparently not.  The wood frog, which is what he is, is the most widespread frog in all of Canada.  He even lives above the Arctic circle.  They like to live in the forest and hide under logs and leaves.

 Here he is looking at us.  "What?  You never noticed me before?" (The pictures blurry but I like his expression.)

We also found this crazy little caterpillar, which is only about 1 cm long, and called a saddleback caterpillar.  This picture is also blurry and the colour is pale compared with real life.  For some really good pics, check out wikipedia.  These are amazing little guys! When I showed the pics to my son, he said nonchalantly that he had seen them before.  And I never knew about it? They turn into plain brown moths. The caterpillars, like many spiky caterpillars, can give you a nasty sting so it's best to enjoy them at a distance.


  1. Love the frog! I'm sure it would get overlooked very easily with that clever camouflage. Well spotted.

  2. Great shots! Always fun to discover the wildlife well hidden.

  3. Hmm. I don;t think I have ever seen a Wood Frog. But he could easily hide, couldn't he?

  4. Very, very cool! Never seen either species before.