Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Sights

 My husband trimmed this branch, and I thought I would take a picture of the robin's nest.

 Anyway, you know how it is.  One picture leads to another...

 We have so many squirrels - red, black, mutant beige-running around our bush, and lots of chipmunks scurrying around on the ground.  We have several hickory trees and the little animals are busily harvesting, storing, and snacking.

 Mirror image (almost). Lots of bumblebees out there today even though it is chilly.  They were very sleepy on the sedum, but more active on the asters. Strange.

 Evening primrose.

Late  blooming phlox.  Not very full, but still pretty. Next year it will be bigger.

 The weird and wonderful toad lily.

 Fruit of the false Solomon seal.

And the fruit of the real Solomon seal.

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  1. How true that one picture leads to another. Your photos are wonderful and like a little voyage through a beautiful corner of Nature.