Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Autumn

 I was feeling a bit sad that summer was over, but how can you be sad when a silly nasturtium is dressed up like a jester?

 The colours are muted so far except for some of the reds.

Like apple peels.

 Plum, hunter green and maize.

 Some wild grapes. They are quite prolific this year.  Although they are edible, the taste is a bit harsh and the seeds take up most of the fruit so I leave them to the wildlife.


 Surprise!  The hardy cyclamen, looking like a spring flower, has just started blooming.



  1. My favourite time of year, it has such fantastic colours. Love that nasturtium.

  2. I feel a little sad when the season changes...but truly I do enjoy all four seasons so why do I feel sad?. Must be because I have to face that time is passing. I dunno.