Friday, July 11, 2014

Queen of the Prairie (Meadowsweet)

Queen of the Prairie , also known as Meadowsweet, (Filipendula rubra) is a large plant, native to some of the eastern states of the US.  It thrives in part-shade with moist but not soggy soil.  Feed it with compost or rotted manure and it will grow to 4' high and spread to  5-6' wide.  It is not invasive, but it is easily divided in spring or fall.

I have had mine for several years and nothing seems to eat it, and it has survived all kinds of winter and summer weather. It has a light sweet fragrance that is attractive to small bees like sweat bees.

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  1. I love the flowers. We saw feverfew today and it was very pretty. I have never seen Meadowsweet but will look for it. We were walking in the herb garden at the Shaker Site again, but I was just in the mood for enjoying and not photo taking. Now I wish I had.